About Us


Mikrdoo has an advanced modern factory building with more than 5,000 square meters, a storage area of more than 2,000 square meters, and more than 300 professional sewing equipment. It is a company focusing on children's clothing integrating R & D, design and production.

The company consists of the R & D and design department, production department, quality control department, customer service sales department, storage department, visual photography department, customer demand management department, market monitoring department, etc.

The company has advanced clothing production and management concepts, excellent clothing designers and strict quality control centers. It is committed to providing children with all-natural, safe and healthy through the use of ecological, sustainable and renewable best and most advanced natural fibers. And stylish clothing.

From the perspective of the market and the needs of customers, we provide children's clothing for all seasons. We believe that children should feel the power of fashion from a young age on the basis of safety.

We also know the great ambitions and responsibilities entrusted to designers by the times. We must guide society with forward-looking vision and exquisite works, and improve the people ’s aesthetic taste and quality of life. The way of children's clothing will accompany children's growth and bring happiness to children and parents!

Service Email: service@kimibear.com